Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Spiceworks can't connect to some of the computers via WMI


Spiceworks installed on Windows 7


We couldn't connect to this device due to the following error: No open ports for this device were found to be responding.


Follow the steps from the link below, make sure your firewall is not blocking the connection.
If you still have the same error message, then that could be problem with your PTR records.

Test it with nslookup:
1. Start > Run > cmd.exe
2. Start nslookup
 type in name of the pc, A record check
> workstation1
Name: workstation1.domain.local
 type in IP of the pc, PTR record check
Name: workstation1.domain.local
They both should resolve to the same name, if not you need to clear stale records and best reconfigure DHCP server to handle all records correctly.

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