Wednesday, 28 November 2012

While creating a new kvm guest drive, a host system becomes extremely slow and unresponsive


Linux host with kvm hypervisor


While allocating space for a new kvm guest drive a host system becomes extremely slow and unresponsive, it brings entire infrastructure down.


Use ionice.
If you are using SLES or Red hat it's probably already installed if your system is Debian or Ubuntu you may need to install it with.
apt-get install ionice
Find your process id via top or ps aux
Use following command to change priority
sudo ionice -c3 -p<pid>
-c3 places the process in the idle scheduling class
-p your process id (pid)

It might be a better idea to change priority for a whole shell using following command.
sudo ionice -c3 -p$$
 Echo $$ to check your shell id
echo $$

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