Friday, 23 November 2012

SBS 2008 sqlservr.exe - MSSQL$MICROSOFT##SSEE high memory usage


Microsoft SQL Server on Windows Small Business Server 2008


Microsoft SQL Server is using huge amount of memory, makes server slow and unresponsive.


This is a second post with a similar issue, first one was with regards to SBS monitoring

Use the same technique to get all the information about sqlservr.exe process.
Data base mdf and ldf files are located at:
 SUSDB.mdf in my case is 10GB in size.

One way of maintaining that database and keeping in a good condition is running Server Cleanup Wizard.
Open up Server Manager > Windows Server Update Service
Start > Run > mmc
Add "Update Services" snap-in, go to options and run cleanup wizard.

Unfortunately it will not reduce the size of a SUSDB file, but it will reduce WSUS folder size as it removes expired/unused updates.
If you have a small network, let's say 5 computers then I would say remove Windows Server Update Service role from your server, it's not worth it (make sure it will not brake anything, do your research)

How to reduce SUSDB.mdf size? It seems that best way is to build a new database.

Scripts which may help:

For now I decided to disable WSUS services.

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