Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Set up music on hold on the Avaya IP Office 500


Avaya IP Office 500v2 & Avaya IP Office Manager v9.1


You need to configure on hold music for a client.


1. Create or get hold of wav file:
 - it has to be PCM 8kHz, 16bit, mono with maximum length of 90 seconds
 - name it holdmusic.wav
2. Open up "Avaya IP Office Manager" and click on "File > Advanced > Embedded File Management..."
3. Navigate to "System SD > SYSTEM > PRIMARY"
4. Highlight PRIMARY folder and click on "File > Upload File..."
5. Close "Embedded File Management"
6. Open up "Avaya IP Office Manager" and go to System > Telephony > Tones & Music, make sure "System Source" is set to WAV files.

To get more details press F1 in "Avaya IP Manager" and search for "Music on Hold"


  1. hi

    i do all your steps but,,
    when i check the hold music from IP Manager
    i dont't find it :(

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