Thursday, 2 July 2015

Deploy Avaya One-X Desktop Clients via group policy [GPO]


Avaya One-X Desktop Clients on Windows 7


Custom deployment of Avaya One-X Desktop Clients to multiple workstations in the organization, with preconfigured One-X portal server address.


Goal is to install Avaya One-X call Assistant on all workstations with predefined configuration.

1 Log on to One X portal go to Desktop Integration and download the client. You should have AvayaOneXDesktopClients.exe file.
2. Double click on AvayaOneXDesktopClients.exe this will extract msi file called DesktopClient.msi to C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\Downloaded Installations... (AvayaOneXDesktopClients.exe /A can also be used)
3. Download Orca MSI Editor and open up DesktopClient.msi
4. Click on Transform >  New Transform
5. Go to Property and "Add Row" for each property
ADDLOCAL = ChangeARP,callAssistant
ADDLOCAL - as default it will do a full install, so I set it to only install callAsistant (this values can be found in windows install log, easily accessible at the end of the installation process)

6. Find and set following properties to
_IsSetupTypeMin = Custom
AgreeToLicense = Yes
7. Click on Transform > Generate Transform... and safe mst file as avaya_desktop_client.mst
8. Test it on the workstation
msiexec /i DesktopClient.msi TRANSFORMS=avaya_desktop_client.mst
9. If all works fine put msi and mst files into a network share
10. Open up Group Policy Manager and create new policy called "Install AvayaDesktopClient"
11. Edit it, navigate to Computer configuration > Policies > Software Settings > Software installation, righ click New > Package
12. In the open dialog type the full UNC path of the DesktopClient.msi
13. Click on Deployment type: Advanced, in Modifications tab add avaya_desktop_client.mst file, in Deployment tab tick "Uninstall this application when it falls out of the scope of management"
14. Assign group policy to OU with all workstations

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  1. Deployment with SCCM2012 works very good! Did you know, where I can configure the settings for the Phone election rules.