Thursday, 19 February 2015

Zabbix, disable items on hosts created via template discovery rules


Zabbix 2.4 on Ubuntu server


You have "discovery rules" defined in your template, you link that template to the host, after a while host is populated with many items. Now you decided to disable some of the items, in template > item prototypes you change status to Disabled, that should be inherited by host, but it's not. This behaviour is apparently by design, more info here.


1. Log on to your Ubuntu server
2. Connect to zabbix mysql database
$ mysql -u<username> -p zabbix
3. Create select query to get items which you would like to disable
SELECT name, status from items WHERE status=0 AND name LIKE '%Error%';
 4. If everything looks good, change status to 1, which will disable items
UPDATE items SET status=1 WHERE status=0 AND name LIKE '%Error%';

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